Beleza Film

Beleza Film produces features and documentaries as well as transmedia projects for the national and international exploitation. It is the personal stories and the characters that we are interested in.


05.09.2016 Script development funded

Our children’s Christmas story by writer Anna Lott with the German title “Verteufelte Weihnachten” = “devilish christmas” has received script development funding by Nordmedia! Thank you!

14.05.2016 DFI funds production of EMPIRE

We’re proud to announce we’ve received a production grant from the Doha Film Institute.
You can read more about the grant and the other supported projects here at Variety as well as here: Doha Film Institute.


Update: May 28: The documentary is still in cinemas! Now in its 19th week.

The documentary HELLO I AM DAVID for the third week in cinemas, e.g. in the following German cities:

Aachen, Augsburg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bochum, Bonn, Bremen, Darmstadt, Dresden,Erlangen, Frankfurt/M., Halle, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Jameln, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Köln, Leipzig, Lübeck, Magdeburg, Mainz, Mannheim, Marburg, München, Oldenburg, Osnabrück, Pforzheim, Regensburg, Rostock, Schwerin, Seefeld, Stuttgart. More screenings are lined up! More at a

02.11.2015 Next “Helfgott”-Screenings

The documentary “Hello I am David – A Journey with David Helfgott” will have pre-screenings along the concert tour of David Helfgott:

Mi, 4.11.2015 Friedrichshafen, Cineplex – 19 Uhr
Mi, 18.11.2015 Hamburg, Abaton – 20 Uhr
Di, 24.11.2015 Berlin, International – 20 Uhr
Do, 14.01.2016 Bonn, Rex–Kino – 18 Uhr
Fr, 15.01.2016 Münster, Schloßtheater – 19 Uhr
So, 17.01.2016 Dresden, Programmkino Ost – 19 Uhr
So, 17.01.2016 Hannover, Hochhaus–Lichtspiele – 11 Uhr
So, 17.01.2016 Heidelberg, Kamera
So, 17.01.2016 Leipzig, Passage Kinos – 13 Uhr
So, 17.01.2016 Osnabrück, Cinema Arthouse
Di, 19.01.2016 Freiburg, Friedrichsbau – 19 Uhr
Mi, 20.01.2016 Ludwigsburg, Caligari Kino – 19:30 Uhr
Do, 21.01.2016 Tübingen, Arsenal Kino – 20 Uhr
So, 24.01.2016 Potsdam, Thalia Kino – 11 Uhr
So, 24.01.2016 Magdeburg, Studiokino – 17 Uhr

The official cinema release in Germany is January 21, 2016.
Cinema release in Austria: 25.12.2015.
All cinemas and dates:

And all movie theaters in Switzerland:

31.10.2015 PETER NAGEL 2.11.15 in Mettenhof

Our documentary PETER NAGEL will be shown again during the ‘Cultural Days of Mettenhof’ (Kulturtage Mettenhof) 2015 in Kiel. The screening is on Monday at 6pm at BZM / Mensa. Entry free of charge. Director Christian Mertens and painter Peter Nagel will be there.

21.10.2015 Hello I am David – Festival-Premiere

HELLO I AM DAVID! A Journey with David Helfgott

Today Premiere at Hofer Filmtage, Germany! At 16:30 at Cinema Central. Further Screenings Friday, 23.10. at 12:00 at Cinema Scala and Sunday, 25.10. at 11:00 at Classic.

More at

Many Thanks to all who have helped make this project possible!

14.09.2015 Hamburg lives Cinema – Jour Fixe #9 at Filmfest Hamburg

On October 3rd 2015, between 12-14:00 we will hold the yearly Filmfest-Jour-Fixe again in the tent next to the Abaton Cinema. Please register at The topic be announced shortly.
More about the initiative and the production companies at

31.03.2015 PETER NAGEL Documentary – DVD available

From now on you can order the dvd for our documentary PETER NAGEL via info(at) Please send us your inquiries!

04.02.2015 PETER NAGEL TRAILER online

Our documentary PETER NAGEL can be seen in Hamburg/Abaton-Cinema! Sunday 11:00 on 22.2.2015.
And also again in Kiel: Kino in der Pumpe at March 1-3!

Also the trailer can be watched online here: TRAILER.

04.12.2014 PETER NAGEL in Kiel

14.12.2014 at 18:00 Stadtgalerie, Kiel* (Karten an der Abendkasse)

21.12.2014 at 11:00 Pumpe, Kiel*
25./26./27.*/28.*/29./30.12.14 at 16:00 Pumpe, Kiel

* Screenings with guests (Peter Nagel, Christian Mertens)
More about the current program at the Kino Pumpe: