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February 2011: Cinema Jenin, West Bank
January 2011: Arabic Film Festival Tuebingen, Germany
December 2010: Presentation at the Arab Shorts Festival in Cairo.
On November 30, 2010: Al-Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah.

In March 2010 our ten-day-film workshop which we organized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Ramallah and the Cinema in Jenin took place. In ten days, ten short films between 2 to 12 minutes were developed, filmed and edited. The ten participants applied with their own short film idea and were chosen out of more than 50 applicants from the whole West Bank.

    The following ten short films were developed and realized:

  • “The Palestinian Peace Circus”
    A documentary by Noor Abo Alrob 13’19
  • “Truth or Dare”
    A film by Shahin Ardouz 4’20
  • “The First Page”
    A poetic film by Sabreen Taha 5’22
  • “Paradise”
    A film by Ahmad Al-Araj 5’10
  • “Soil”
    A short fiction by Diaa Hroub 3’33
  • “25/11”
    A docudrama by Sandy Hanna 5’49
  • “It’s Me”
    A music film by Khaled Barghothi 5’08
  • “The Hole”
    An animation film by Wasef Qadh 2’00
  • “Tamoun Village”
    A documentation by Mahmoud Hrebat 5’19 minutes
  • “Fieber“
    A documentary by Mohammed Abugheth 7‘25
  • All films were shot in HDV

The workshop team: Wendla Noelle, Christiane Schniebel, Miriam Thiel, Sara Walz, Ute Freund
Jessica Landt, Falk Nagel

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