France in the Classroom / Image Film/Workshop

France in the Classroom!

Imagefilm for the Klett publishing house
Script: Gerlind Becker
Director: Christian Mertens
Cinematography: Till Vielrose
Actors: Elias Gabriel Arriagada Krüger, Sanam Afrashteh, Emma-Marie Trautwein, Alexander Goeller
as well as 25 children in Germany and 14 children in Paris, who were present at the shooting and took part in our workshop!

Shooting: June 2011 in Paris and Berlin
Postproduction: June until August 2011


Moritz (12) and his classmates are attending their first French class. But he does not only read the book – the textbook is so exciting that Moritz dives into it: …Paris, … the Eiffel tower, …and a crêpes stand. These are the reasons why this French class is no comparison to the maths lesson next door!

The film was made in context of a workshop in Berlin and Paris. 25 children were able to get an insight into professional film work and even be involved in the shooting. In short workshop units they gained informations about lightning, camera and scene structure.