A moi Paris! – an online webseries

A French educational film for the German publishing house Klett to be viewed online inclusive download of script!

Script: Gerlind Becker, Sonia Blin
Cinematography: Florian Foest
Actors: Valérie Leroy, Tom Sommerlatte

Shooting: April 2010 in Paris
Postproduction: April – June 2010
Completion: June 2010

Johannes from Germany will spend a few months in Paris to do his internship. Although he speaks French relatively well, he is not too firm with the French customs. As he finds a room at Elodie’s apartment, he experiences what it is like to live French and to cook French. A little adventure.

Go watch the films at: www.klett.de

And download the script at: www.klett.de/script